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Smt. Vidyawati Group of Institutions in its endeavour to strengthen the link with the alumni has set an Alumni Association with its chapters across the country with more than 5000 alumni. SVGI feels proud and enlightened to announce the functionality of Alumni association at each institute of the group which extends several facilities and services to the alumni to continue and enhance their pleasant association with the institute and outside world. The objectives of the Alumni Association are broadly divided into 9 strategic goals: Awareness; Value; Engagement; Support Structure; Growth; Community Service; Professional Development; and Advancement. The mission of Alumni Relations is to maintain a lifelong relationship with alumni through opportunities and benefits that promote interaction & engagement and henceforth facilitate their contribution to the advancement and success of the Institution. SVGI envisages promoting such continued interactions of Alumni with the institution in the interest of sustaining the institution's ability to develop and maintain a commitment to excellence and deliver on the core business of self- and organizational development.


 CAREER support through jobs, mentorship, and further study.

 CONNECT with events, through social media, and email-for-life.

 COMMUNICATION Strengthening of network.

 COORDINATION Help on College related issues (Degrees, Transcripts Caution Money etc.) through Alumni Coordinators.